Illustration: Saadia Mebchour 


After starting this page from the ground up as a rag tag bunch of students trying to find our voice in the art world, just as the page has grown so have we. With full time jobs, new responsibilities, and our own personal projects, comes the realisation that this page has come to an end.

Over the past few months it has become increasingly difficult for us to handle content, sorting out our zines, and preparing our talks, with our day jobs & our own projects, while still having time to create for this page. We can’t devote the time needed to keep this page thriving without giving something up.

We are so grateful for the conversations we started, the friends we made and the people who made us believe in what we were doing. For the past two years and a half we’ve had the most incredible, surreal time doing this page, editing our zines, doing talks. We love this page and adore the community we built here, and we will always cherish what we’ve had the chance to do with TabloidArtHistory. Thank you for being with us from the start.

TabloidArtHistory won’t be completely gone though: Insta and Twitter will stay up, this website, our Zine Library and our Resource Room will stay online, and we will be overseeing the sales of the remaining TAH VOL.2 copies until they run out. Most importantly, the sentiments that inspired this account and inspired so many people to follow and scream YES as we often drunk tweeted our way through pop culture and art history will remain there, always.

With all the love in the world,

The TAH Gals,

Elise, Mayanne & Chloe

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