The day has finally arrived, the second issue of our Pop Culture x Art History zine, TAH VOL.2, is now LIVE on our website and to purchase on our shop.

100 pages of essays, creative writing, and original artworks, by creatives from all around the world, available to read online for free, and to purchase as paper copies on our shop. 


TAH is our Art History + Pop Culture zine. Created in April 2017, we commission essays, creative writing, interviews, and illustrations, exploring the intersection of art history and pop culture. We hope TAH can become a nurturing space for institutionally marginalised voices, and those outside the traditional canon to gain visibility and expand their practice freely. 

We want TAH to be intellectually stimulating, forward thinking, original, fun, and above all, accessible. This is why all our issues are offered online for free on our Zine Library

We also want TAH to be independent and fair, and this is why we use all the benefits from our paper-copy sales to fund contributors and editors pay for future issues. All contributors for TAH VOL.1 and TAH VOL.2 were compensated for their artistic labour. TAH is entirely self-funded, so if you would like to support us (and/or treat yourself to a beautiful paper copy of our zine) you can head over to our shop and purchase a copy. Plus! You’ll get an exclusive mini-print by New York based artist Amber Vittoria. 

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Cover by Saadia Mebchour

Illustration by Wasima Farah, George Morton and Anke Knapper. All design by Mayanne Soret.

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